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Duncan Sinclair lands with first fleet. 26th Jan 1788

Australia Day 26th January
Captain Duncan Sinclair was with the first fleet. The first Sinclair to tread on Aussie soil.
Governor Arthur Phillip and his fleet set sail in May 1787, landing at Sydney cove on 26th Jan 1788. A voyage of 251 days.
The ships which brought the first white settlers (Convicts, civilians and marines) to Australia consisted of eleven store ships and transports, carrying over a thousand convicts and their goalers.
One Transporter, the Alexander, was skippered by Master Duncan Sinclair. The Alexander carried 195 male convicts and was the largest ship in the fleet. She was built in Hull, England in 1783.
Phillip was directed by Captain James Cook to head for Botany bay, but upon arriving there, he was not taken by the site as settlement. So he headed north to Port Jackson where (in his own words) he discovered one of the finest harbors in the world. Sydney Cove, named in honor of Lord Sydney.
The British invasion of Australia was under way!
July 8th 1788
The first sitting of the court of Civil Jurisdiction (The civil court) took place.
Convict Henry Kable and his wife were awarded 20 pound in damages from  Duncan Sinclair, master of the convict transporter Alexander, who was held responsible for their not receiving clothing belonging to them.
I have spent the last 12 months reading stories of the convicts. Feeling the pain, suffering and hardship. The people who I feel built this country. The ones who suffered at the hands of another and often because of the theft of a lousy loaf of bread.For this crime they were shipped down under, away from family, starving family, which is why they stole in the first place. Removed from their home land so that others could build a country with little cost to themselves. What a shock I got when I found one of their masters to be a Sinclair.Maybe someone knows of this Duncan Sinclair. I would love to know more about him.
References - A history of New South Wales. by George Barrington, London 1802