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Re: My solution to the incorrect date problem

>Henceforth I promise to  make no more date mistakes. Any efforts that fall
>of the correct dates  will now be known as "beta versions" of the desired

That's certainly the traditional software solution.

As you know, finding the correct date for events as dramatic as
the death of a king can be quite difficult, since different printed
and online sources can have versions varying by days or years, and
it can be difficult to determine which source was using primary evidence.

That particular date for Falkirk shows up in several timelines on
the web; I had run across it before.

The correct date is in
and will appear in the Sinclair Dates postings when July rolls around.

Meanwhile, on 23 February we can celebrate the Battle of Rosslyn; see

And everyone please do send in more dates.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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