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New items on the History pages

    Just letting you know about new items on the History pages to look at:
www.clansinclairusa.org/0_Home_Page.htm   I think you ought to first be
aware of how this site looks from its index page so that you can see at once
glance the general construction and the offerings there.  Once you see this
overview, you will not need the connections below but just safe the above
main Home Page address and you can then get around very easily, I hope.
I have taken the warnings off of most of the lineage charts on the left side
of the index that warn about copying the lineage charts until they get proof
read by some of you.  No one has responded, so there they are.  Only the
Earls of Caithness and Rosslyn need lots of work yet.
But do check out the Earls of Caithness and the link at the bottom of the
chart to the explanation on the broken lines that occur when there is no
male heir.

read about a Sinclair musician in Hawaii and his ancestry

Early Norman and St. Clair connections in Italy

  Do you know the Flodden Flask story at
Soon we may know the where abouts of the flask today.

Again I invite you to look at the interesting list of Gatherings at

Surely there are some more of you that have Sinclair family reunions that
can be added to the above site.
There have been some additions to I Love a Mystery,  check out the Earls
with Blood on their Hands

Surely some of you have ancestors to add to "Combat 1812 to 2000 --Move down
through this page and see where you can add things.

Then check out all the new footnote information on Rollo in Kissing the
King's Foot

Some of you have asked why people left Scotland.  I have started a list that
I hope you will add to at:


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