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Dear Jack,
Congratulations, you have just found another relative!
My Great, Great Grandfather was James Sinclair, younger brother of John (b. 27th April 1807, Kirkwall & ST. Ola).
James succeeded his Father, William, in the tenancy of a farm called Crossiecrown which was situated just outside Kirkwall.
We have tried for many years to get further back, only to be thwarted as the Parish Record which contains the marriage is missing. There is a chance that we may have found a way round this problem. We will keep you informed.
You will notice that there was a sixth son born to William & Mary named George (b. Aug. 1814, Kirkwall).
Descendants of William Sinclair
1    William SINCLAIR
-   + Mary HALCRO m: abt 1795
-2   Ann SINCLAIR    b.16th April and bapt.24th April 1796, Kirkwall & St. Ola
-2   Catharine SINCLAIR    b: 25th Sept and bapt. 4th Oct 1798 Kirkwall & St. Ola
-2   William SINCLAIR    b:11th Aug and bapt. 13 Aug 1800, Kirkwall & St. Ola
-2   Thomas SINCLAIR    b: 30th Apr and bapt. 29th May 1803, Kirkwall & St. Ola
-2   David SINCLAIR    b: 1st May and bapt. 28th June 1805, Kirkwall & St. Ola
-2   John SINCLAIR    b: 27th April and bapt. 24th May 1807, Kirkwall & St. Ola
                                d: 18th Jan 1873
-2   James SINCLAIR    b: 24th Sept and bapt. 29th Oct 1809, Kirkwall & St. Ola
                                   d: 1st Dec 1891 Kirkwall
--- + Mary REID    b: 25th Jun 1811, Stromness    m: 30th Dec 1841, Kirkwall
                           d: 25th May 1873, Kirkwall
--- 3    Mary Hume SINCLAIR    b: 1st Apr 1843, Kirkwall    m: William AGNEW
                                              d: 2nd May 1909, Dundonald
--- 3    James Scarth SINCLAIR    b: 16th Dec 1844, Kirkwall
                                                 d:  22nd Sep 1888, Kirkwall    (Bachelor)
--- 3    Robert SINCLAIR    b: 19th Mar 1848, Kirkwall    
                                       d: 19th Mar 1902, Kirkwall
                                       m: Margaret FLETT 10th Dec 1867, Kirkwall 
                                       Issue: 2 sons & 2 daughters 
--- 3   Elizabeth SINCLAIR    b: 15th Dec 1849, Kirkwall
--- 3   William SINCLAIR    b: 2nd Nov 1856, Kirkwall
                                       d: 6th March 1936, Liverpool (England)
                                       m: Mary Jane WILLIAMS 11th Nov 1880, Liverpool
                                       Issue: 2 sons
---    2nd Wife of James (b: 1809)    Ellen COSTIE    m: 3rd Dec 1874, Kirkwall
--- 3    Catherine SINCLAIR    b: abt. 1879
-2    Mary SINCLAIR    b: 17th Feb and bapt  5th Apr 1812, Kirkwall
-2    George SINCLAIR    b: Aug and bapt 3 Sep 1814, Kirkwall
Thank you for your information which helps to fill in some more gaps. If you send me your address I will post you more details.
Yours aye
Lesley & Ron Sinclair.