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Rosslyn, Virginia

    This is in answer to the question about the place with tall buildings
opposite Georgetown, a place called Rosslyn.  I live up river about a dozen
miles from Rosslyn, and I am pleased to tell you that there is a connection
to that enchanted place about seven miles south of Edinburgh called Rosslyn.
    According to the Arlington Historical Society, Rosslyn got its name from
a William Henry Ross who in early 1860 received from his father-in-law a
large farm starting at the northern edge of the Custis property and going
west to the county line(current Falls Church) with a mile of frontage on the
Potomac River. As the waterside property had a large creek emptying into the
Potomac over a small hill, Ross being on Gaelic descent, named the place -
Ross's Fall or Rosslynn, lynn, linn, lyn, being waterfall in Gaelic. The
Rosses lived there less than two years as they fled to Paris, France when
Virginia seceded from the U.S.A. and Federal troops occupied their
land,along with the Custis and other property along the south side of the
Potomac River. The farm became in 1866 Rosslyn Town.
    Downriver from Rosslyn and south of the Pentagon is Alexandria which was
founded by Scots and has a rich history.  Annually, the Sinclairs of
Northern Virginia take part in the Scottish Christmas Walk which is a large
parade that attracts thousands.
Yes, indeed, the Scots have left a mark on Virginia in more ways than one.

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