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Re: 2000

Many people sent new year (century, millennium) greetings.
As examples, I've put the ones from Niven and from Neil Sinclair
in a web page,

I congratulate all of you who got to take the holiday off.
Here's what I was doing:
Things turned out better, although stranger, than expected.

Happy new year.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>

PS: Please remember it's sinclair@mids.org (not sinclair@jump.net).

>  From: Niven Sinclair [1]<niven@niven.co.uk>
>  Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 12:11:47 GMT
>  At the dawn of a new Century and at the beginning of a new Millennium,
>  I can find no better words of guidance than those of Pierre Teilhard
>  de Chardin:
>    ``The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason
>    to hope.''
>  To do this we have to protect the sanctity of our planet. This was the
>  message which [2]Earl William Sinclair had chiselled out in stone when
>  he built [3][Rosslyn Chapel] [4]Rosslyn Chapel. He wanted us to
>  realise that God and Nature was One. That every leaf was a word of
>  God. That there had been far too much talk about the Father on high
>  and far too little thought given to Mother Earth from which all
>  abundance flows. Let us remember this when [5]the Clan gathers at
>  Rosslyn Chapel later this year.


>  1. mailto:niven@niven.co.uk
>  2. file://localhost/sinclair/who/william1caithness.html
>  3. file://localhost/sinclair/rosslyn.html
>  4. file://localhost/sinclair/rosslyn.html
>  5. file://localhost/sinclair/s2000.html
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