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Re: Millennium

Hello Donna, David, Niven, Malcolm, Ian and all the

Here in Louisiana we have a traditional New Year's
meal which consists of ham (representing health),
cabbage (representing money) and black-eyed peas
(representing good luck).  If this meal isn't eaten on
New Year's Day something awful is bound to happen! 
This year we're eating for health, wealth and good
luck for all of you.  This past year has been
wonderful.  Getting to know "new" cousins and learning
more about our heritage has enriched our lives.  May
you all have a great year and many blessings.  See you
at the Gathering!

Penny, Sandy and Vicky Law

--- Dave <girnigoe@lineone.net> wrote:
> To everyone on the list and Sinclairs across the
> globe,
> I thought it would be a good idea if all the people
> on the list, including those who rarely write but
> always keep up to date, said "hello" at this
> landmark time (just once of course :)  ).
> I hope that you all have a merry Millennium eve and
> a splendid start to the next one (whichever dram you
> prefer).
> Best wishes,
> David and Donna Sinclair-Sherratt

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