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Andrew COTTINGHAM please contact me.

Andrew Cottingham,
Please contact me.
My great grandmother is a Cottingham.

Sinclair searchers, please forgive me. I must take advantage of this
possible connection to another branch!

I'm having a hard time finding information and would love to know if you
have searched this line. My great grandmother is...
Sallie Elizabeth (Cottingham) Reedy
b:May 4, 1862 in Effingham, Jasper, Illinois
m:Dec 18, 1894 in Sangamon County, Illinois to Franklin Pierce Reedy
from microfiche #6334564 fiche #69 (restricted to Salt Lake City)
no license # shown. Vol 6, page 618 Sangamon County, Illinois.
Sangamon County, Illinois - Marriages 1890-1899 977.356 V25S pg. 96 SLC
d:August 30, 1941 in Akron,Macon,Illinois
Decatur Genealogy Society Library. Macon County Cemetery. Macon Cemetery
Vol. 3, pg. 104.

Sallie and Franklin had eight children (that I know of)
1)  Rose (twin) Reedy b:Dec 18, 1895
2)  Ruth (twin) Reedy b:Dec 18, 1895
3)  Eva May Reedy b:May 23, 1897
4)  John Amos Reedy b:Oct 7, 1898
5)  Paul Cottingham Reedy b:Nov 25, 1899
6)  Florence (twin) Reedy b:May 3. 1902
7)  Floyd (twin) Reedy b:May 3, 1902
8)  Marion Elizabeth Reedy b:Dec 14, 1904

Grandma says "Sallie was a full blood English Lady." I'm not sure exactly
what that means.Grandma and my mother were both born in England, they are
full blood English Ladies to me. When an English born woman calls another,
"Full Blood English Lady," could that mean a 'Title' is involved?

Sincerely Searching,
Lisa Miller  lisa@telebyte.com
Visit my family tree  http://lisasfamilytree.com
I know there are some Sinclair errors on the tree. I'm working on it!

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