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Re: Don't uns-ub-scribe, Julie

We don't want you to leave Julie.  Stay on.
When I saw that I had 455 or so e-mail letters waiting on me, I thought that over night all my cousins had written and that my dream had come true , that I meet and learn about all those long lost cousins.  Then , of course, the bubble had to burst.  But it was fun.  I think most everyone knew that something was set wrong at the office.  Our only hope was that you were not gone to Poland for Christmas.
Have a Happy Holiday Season.
Cuzon Steve
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Julie, no need to unsubscribe.  Would that all of the problems we come across were so easily fixed!  I suspect some of those who responded unkindly did so before realizing what was going on; with 500 some odd messages, it was obvious that you weren't sitting at your computer sending emails every minute, and there must be some computerized snafu!
Marianne Masciantonio d58@worldnet.att.net