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Thought for the Millenium

I have just added the information on the 1995 Clan Gathering in Duluth
written by the then Clan President, David Bouschor and wife, Gloria
Bouschor, to the History pages

And am so struck by the closing paragraph that I would like to share it with
you all now:

    "It has been speculated that because of the very mobile society, in
which we now live, these extended family connections are very significant.
Presently few reside near many blood relatives.  Where we used to visit
them, on our way to and from school, for a bite to eat or a snip of
conversation, we must travel to see them occasionally.  Families are so
detached that the clan connection can give even the lonely a sense of
belonging to a busy, active family.  The size of our membership gives enough
variety for friendships and interactions with persons who really care about
each other, as well as the group.  We learn of eccentricities and unique
personality styles, but we have history and continuity, so valuable in this
volatile world."

Portland, OR

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