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Re: Julie's misfortune.

Dear Donald,
    Please tell Julie to understand---that it wasn't HER, it was her Machine; 
not having it programmed correctly, could have happened to any of us!
    When I emailed you privately to see if you could have her take care of 
it, I had over 570 messages and more coming in.  Having been on the List for 
a while, I knew it had happened once before around last year's Christmas 
Holiday-----and that John would take care of it soon as he was aware---but 
maybe you could speak with her first.
    We value all our Sinclairs on the list and for the most part we do try to 
be understanding and friendly.  I can imagine how she must feel----but we 
still will welcome her back and be glad for any information or input she has. 
 John does a fantastic service to all of us and I, for one, would like her to 
be a part of the List.
    May you and all have a wonderful holiday.
    Warmest wishes to Everyone,
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