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Re: PleasebearwithJulie!!Iwillbeoutoftheofficefrom12/23/98to01/03/98ifyouneedimmediateassistancepleasecontacIwillbeoutoftheofficefrom12/23/98to01/03/98ifyouneedimmediateassistancepleasecontacIwillbeoutoftheofficefrom12/23/98to01/03/98ifyouneedimmediateas

Jeanie and others,

The response you see is an automatic "away" message which has apparently got
a bug in it.  Julie is not sending the message the machine is.  Every
response to the message will in turn generate 2 responses from the computer
to be posted to the list.  Every post to the list will generate two more and
so on until John realizes this is happening and un subscribes Julie.

This happened last year to another whom I will not name and I am sure Julie
will be just as embarrassed when she realizes what has happened.  Perhaps
someone who has her telephones number can call her and advise her of the

You can unsubscribe from this list or block the sender with your software
until after the holidays to avoid the many impending messages.

Give John a chance to correct the problem from his end and I am sure the
problem will end.

I am including my last message for anyone with Microsoft Outlook express for


Gary M. Sinclair

>>OK Folks,

Julie's software is apparently set to reply until the end of her vacation.
For those using Outlook express, add Julie to your address book
JHEDRICK@usagroup.com, then choose tools, then inbox assistant, then place
Julie's address on the line "From"  then click delete from server and OK at

This should delete all messages from Julie prior to your down loading

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