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The Sinclair Dram

Now back home, I can complete the references to my bid for "Old Pulteney" as 
"The Sinclair Dram" (I regret I mispelled it so far from home) - please see 
http://www.inverhouse.com/old_pulteney/index.html for a full explanation of 
its candidacy .

Better still I can announce the arrival of my first Sinclair Red Kilt, a 
surprise for Christmas from my wife, Annabel, for whom I had arranged a dress 
of the Sinclair Tartan at our Chief's behest (she appeared very bonnie at the 
Pillarguri Dinner in Otta  in August in her maiden MacRae, but not, as 
required, in the Sinclair tartan!).  I can thoroughly recommend the work of 
the kiltmakers, a small outfit in Inverness for their speed and skill.

Yours aye

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