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Re: Clan Sinclair AUSTRALIA - a litte more news! :)

First I want to thank everyone for their overwhelmingly positive response 
and all your good wishes and support!  It means a great deal to all of us 
here, and a special thanks to Ian (Nosshead) and John Q for joining us as 
members!  Very proud to have you both! :)

Brad, I'll have to remember about the arms! :):):) and Rory - even though 
the analogy is a painful one! <grin> as I'd already noted - you're quite 
right - it's the closest one there is!   Euan - "ain't it great" to have a 
Lappan Sinclair!! :) I have to agree!

And to everyone else, Donald, Laurel, Lena, Ken, and everyone else who has 
given us such a warm and heartening response - THANK YOU!

Now - the announcement.  We have a Clan Genealogist!  Thanks to Ian 
Sinclair!!  So anyone Australian, or with Australian connections please be 
in touch with Ian at sinclrig@netspace.net.au - he has some truly wonderful 
plans for a database of Australian Sinclairs, which will really facilitate 
genealogical research here in Australia!

Anyway, thank you everyone again!

Clan Sinclair Australia :)

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