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Re: Sinclair Ancestry

To S. Bliss

I've checked "Donald Whyte's Dictionary of Emigrants to Canada Before
Confederation" (both volumes), but couldn't find your Barbara Sinclair,
or Nevin Dewar.  However, there would seem to be this
Dewar family who went to New Brunswick:

>From Kenmore,Perthshire,on the Favourite, ex Pt. Glasgow, 22 Oct.1816

Donald, b. ca 1793. ex port Glasgow, 22 Oct 1816, labourer
Hugh, b. ca 1790  ""
James b. ca 1780  ""
Janet, b. ca 1796 " servant
Jean, b. ca 1796  ""
John, b. ca 1795.
Margaret, b.ca 1794, ""
Peter, b.ca 1760, "  farmer (it also says he paid his own
.                            married Betsy Girdie)
Peter, b. ca 1793, " labourer

Could these be related to your Nevin, given the dates?

Toni Sinclair

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