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Fw: Clarification of X-Ray Work

> From: cd woodson <cdwood@mb.sympatico.ca>
> To: sinclair@mids.org
> Subject: Clarification of X-Ray Work
> Date: Thursday, December 09, 1999 12:44 PM
> Maybe I have not explained property where the x-ray work was done.  It
> done in a work area 3160 ft below ground level on the floor of a new
> drift as we passed through about 1000 ft of waste salt and lost the ore
> seam.  X-ray would pick up a clay seam running paralell underneath the
> travel drift about 40 ft, if I remember correctly.  Clay seam would
> run about the same distance below.  (Material working in was shale,
> and salt)  Miners could adjust the drift elevation to find ore seam
> up or down.
> As you can see, this work can be done without disturbing an inch of soil
> rock of our valuable home land.
> Donald H. Sinclair
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