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Re: Sinclair Dates


>	do you have a list of Sinclair dates compiled that these occasional
>notes come from?

Yes.  They're all visible in
Anything in that file that has a specific day gets used in the Sinclair
Dates postings.  Those postings also appear on the front page, by the way:

> Is there something for (almost) every day of the year?

Nope.  Lots of missing days.  I was hoping others would provide more.

>	My New Rosslyn Year 2000 Calendar tells me when St Swithin's Day is -
>but very little about the Sinclairs...

If you've got some materials lying about for Sinclair, for example in
Nova Scotia, do send them in and I'll add them.

>			hmmmmm...
>	Is there a Sinclair Book of Days...?

There is someone else on the list who can answer that question better
than I could.

>				rob

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