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Sinclair's kidnapped or shipped as indentured servants

Hello Cousins & Friends,
    I am stuck on my earliest ancestor, William Sinclair, who first appears 
in Quaker records declaring his marriage intentions at Providence preparative 
meeting in 1708 (Concord, PA monthly meeting).  After his marriage he and his 
wife, Phebe, became very active in the Quaker meetings they belonged to.  
There is no record of William's removal from a Quaker meeting in Britain or 
ship's passage to PA.  In 1693 a Robert Sinclair appears in Chester county 
court as an indentured servant, brought from Scotland. He adopted the Quaker 
faith and settled in Nottingham, PA, after the term of his indenture.  In 
1710 (the year after William & Phebe's marriage) a Margaret Sinclair married 
Joseph Brown (Quaker) only a few miles from William's Quaker meeting house 
and they settled in Nottingham, PA.
    These 3 Sinclair's have the Quaker faith in common and all 3 are first 
recorded in roughly the same area (Chester county between Crum & Ridley 
creeks).  2 of them first appear at their own marriages and 2 of them settle 
in the same meeting place. We know that Robert is from Scotland but don't 
know the exact details of his arrival.  
    Can anyone shed some light on these "homeless" Sinclairs?
Lynn Sinclair
Delaware, USA
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