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The Scots

The Scots are fond of wherever they settle without losing their longing or 
love for Scotland.

Whilst I was in Africa I loved the place with an intensity which defied all 
rational explanation.
I still do.  This does not diminish my love for Scotland or even my love 
for England or for
Britain as a whole because, after centuries of conflict,  we are now 
inextricably interwoven   with eachother in mutual trust.  After all it was 
a King of Scotland who became the first king
of a United Kingdom.  And, in today's World, there is little room for 
parochialism.  Our
vision has to be global.  This is particularly so with the Clan Sinclair 
whose members are
to be found in every corner of the Globe.  What an opportunity that gives us.

The Scots were by far the best colonisers of the British Empire.  They were 
builders in
every sense of that word.  They made an astonishing impact everywhere they 
settled -
particularly with native peoples because the Scots themselves had suffered from
'colonisation' and were able to empathise with the fears and desires of the 

We must now address ourselves to protecting the integrity of our respective 
nations and
in ensuring the sanctity of our planet.  These are the real issues which 
face us today.
Everything else pales into insignificance.

Niven Sinclair

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