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Celibacy, apart from being very boring, is not the natural order of Man's 
It was probably the knowledge that abstention was 'unnatural' which led to 
the Knights
being accused of homosexuality.

The strict interpretation of the order to abstain from sexual activity 
applied when they
were on 'active service'.   It would be wrong to take the celibacy rule too 
literally.  Men    invariably fall short of the ideals they set themselves.

Many knights were married.  Fathers and sons often served together or 
followed each
other in the service of the Order.  Some families (including our own) would 
have died out
if this had not been so.

Bob Bryden, the Templar archivist in Scotland, confirms that (a) Hughes de 
Payen was
married to Catherine St Clair and (b) they both visited Scotland during the 
reign of King
David I (1124 - 1153).  There is an old document to that effect which I 
have seen.  Bob
has had part of it translated at 63 per page but the translator died 
before being able to
finish the work.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find anyone who 
is conversant
with Old Latin or, for that matter, Old Scots.  For example, I could make 
nothing of the
document which I saw.  Neither words nor letters were identifiable as 
such.  It is a highly
skilled task to decipher such documents and the people who are capable of 
doing so
belong to a dwindling band.

Niven Sinclair

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