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Mr Sinclair entertains Bush Rangers

Connecting with the Gold mining era in Australia, were the notorious Bush Rangers, who terrorised the country side. While reading some of the stories, I came across the mentioning of a Mr Sinclair's encounter with the bush rangers. Blue cap and his gang travelled a vast distance, robbing, murdering and made themselves at home on station properties along the way.Here's a little snippet from the story.
' The gang bailed up the Narrandera mail on Aug 16th and Mr Sinclair's Station, Cowabee, that night. They did not take anything away with them in the morning, and conducted themselves rather quietly. One of the gang playing draughts with Mr Sinclair all evening.'
Some fine Sinclair hospitality must have been shown on this night, seeing how they had murdered or robbed many of their last host's before arriving at Sinclair's station. I wonder if he was brave enough to win the odd game?