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Re: Suits of Armour opps

Not that I'm necessarily in favour of stirring up this hornet's nest
(although generally it's a good way to stimulate discussion which can
lead to some action)...

	But, cultural appropriation, that wonderful term being kicked around by
the Native, Francophone, and African-Canadian communities has yet to
take hold in the Gaelic community.

	Museums and private collectors around the world are being caught up in
a movement to give these types of products back to their rightful
owners...The Canadian National Museum of Civilization just returned a
whole roomful of stuff to one of our native communities last week...24
more claims are underc consideration...German art collections are being
divested to the Jewish Families from which they were accumulated...

	It may be a little pre-mature - but...

	In the end, this movement may sweep the world on the theory that these
items will soon return to Museums as travelling cultural displays -
earning their appropriate owners valuable revenues...instead of those
who currently benefit from the spoils of war...

	Cultural Appropriation is a two edged sword...It costs me projects in
the Black community that no one else is currently capable of doing, it
delivers a 10,600 year old Paleo-Indian archeological site to the Mi'q
maq whose blood ancestors only arrived in Nova Scotia 5000 years
ago...and have nothing to do with the earlier occupants...

	But it would probably work for the Clan Sinclair...

	Think about it...watch the world...someday soon you may only have to
ask to have some items returned...Now then, forget about the
armour...who offically has guardianship of the Holy Grail?

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