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Fw: Saint Margaret of Scotland

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From: Malcolm Caithness <sinclairclanchief@girnigoetrust.freeserve.co.uk>
To: John S Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
Sent: Monday, November 15, 1999 7:43 AM
Subject: Saint Margaret of Scotland

> Dear John
> Tomorrow (16 Nov) we celebrate Saint Margaret of Scotland. The Divine
> states 'Born in Hungary, where her father lived in exile, about the year
> 1046. She was given in marriage to Malcolm III, King of the Scots, and she
> bore him eight children. She was an outstanding example of a true mother
> queen. She died at Edinburgh in the year 1093'.
> It was in 1057 that William 'The Seemly' St. Clair, returned with Margaret
> having been sent to Hungary by King Edward the Confessor to escort her
> father Atheling Edward with his family (including his second daughter
> Margaret) to England. Margaret took her father's piece of the Holy Rood -
> the 'True Cross' - with her to Scotland and she founded Holyrood Abbey.
> William held the important position of being her cup bearer and he was
> granted the Barony of Rosslyn in Life rent.
> Malcolm Caithness

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