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Re: Australian War memorial

Hello Gordon and Annie

Our daughter is going to Bathurst College, north of Sydney, when your term begins in January,(our second term), on an exchange.  She's currently attending Lakehead University, in ThunderBay, Ontario.  I'm going to visit her tomorrow (a trip of only approx. 1200 miles), and I'll be able to reassure her that "family" is never far away.!!

I attended a memorial service this morning for Remembrance Day, after reading your message, Annie.  I think we must always remember that the fallen were not
only soldiers, but the sons and daughters, parents, relatives and friends of all
of us today.  

Sinclair, the poem "In Flanders Fields" was read by a student, and I thought of
you in France;  and my family, caught up in occupied Holland during the war, and was reminded that we all have so much to be thankful for.  Thank you for all the contributions you have made to our discussion group.  I know that the perspective often seems to be from the North American point of view.  I really
appreciate your research and comments, to help us all keep a wider appreciation
of world events.

Toni Sinclair
Ont., Canada

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