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History site

    I believe we are operational now.  check out www.clansinclairusa.org
and go to the History link.
    When I mentioned before about helping to look things over for me (for
posterity's sake really), I spoke of doing the math.  For instance, under
"Earls of Caithness"  look down to William, the 10th Earl and notice his
birthdate which comes from Burke's Peerage.  Take the link from Master
Golfer and read about him.  I noticed that the article estimated that he was
born in about 1700 which means he was, as the article, says quite a golfer
for 64 years old.  But if we use the birthdate in Burke's Peerage, he would
be 27 years younger.

    So these are the things that can be checked even if you don't know a lot
of history.  Ask yourselves whether it makes sense.  I am shaky about the
connection of Prince Henry Sinclair or his father to the Scottish king.  I
don't seem to be picking up that link in the Bruce lineage I have here.


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