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the list lull

>Rebecca, I'm having the same problem, no mesages from the Sinclair list. 
>Perhaps the difficulty is with the server and some of us have been cut off.
> Can someone tell us what is happening--is it our computers, or does the
>fault lie in ourselves?   Kay

There is nothing wrong with the list.  Several people sent me messages
asking why there had been no messages.  I told them all the same thing:
post something, and there will be.  As you can see, there are messages
now.  Also note that the first person to post wasn't even one of the
ones I told that.

This list is not television.  There is no regular program.  The content
is whatever you, the list members, post.

There is no fault.  Sometimes there is a lull.  It just happens.
It ends when somebody thinks of something to say.

In the early days of the list, I made a point of breaking lulls by
posting something myself.  Nowadays, we have enough people with enough
things to say that, as I think we just demonstrated, it's not necessary
for me to do it.

One thing I have done, however, is I have arranged for the Sinclair Dates
material that appears on the web pages to be mailed to the list whenever
it changes.  That should give some food for thought in addition to whatever
else is currently being discussed.  For example, we have anniversaries of
two big events coming up on 4 November.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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