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Re: This is a test.

Hi Rebecca

I'm still here, and yes, things have been quiet.  I guess, like everyone, we've
just been busy - raking leaves, Halloween, whatever. 

 Actually, I have found a little bit more on my Sinclair branch.  A couple of weeks ago, I tracked down a very distant relative, who had more information on
Neil and Christian Sinclair's oldest son - John and his wife, Emma Hamilton Campbell.  (All from Islay, Argyll).  I even have a photograph of their portraits (very stern!), so I can imagine what his parents looked like!  

However, I can't find anything new about Neil and Christian.  I spent four days
searching through some archival material in Peterborough.  A man by the name of
"Tolmie" did an extraordinary amount of research on the area of Victoria County
where the Islay emigrants settled.  There are  11 file boxes of hand-written
notes which were all donated by his family, and I got through 2 of them.  As yet, they are unsorted, and not indexed, and his handwriting is very small!  

So folks, since it's been quite a while since I posted, does anyone have any information on the above Neil and Christian Sinclair, who were married on Islay
in 1801, and emigrated to Victoria County, Canada in probably 1842?

Toni Sinclair
Grimsby, Ont. Canada

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