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Sinclair Motto "Commit thy verk to God"

Further to Lena's message confirming "verk" is Swedish/Scandinavian for work, 
I  can also confirm that it means the same in modern Norwegian, more in the 
sense of "creation". I do not know, however,  whether its roots are in modern 
"Bokmål" "Book Standard" Norwegian which I think has Danish influences, or 
the older and confusingly named "Nynorsk" "New Norwegian" which is spoken 
more in the Møre and Romsdal Counties where the Sinclairs have their origins 
in the Viking days, and is closer to the language our ancestors spoke. if 
anyone out there has an Icelandic Dictionary, we may find further 
corroboration.  Bokmål has a cousin of the German for work "arbeid" which is 
more usually used for our daily labours (German "arbeit"). Our appraisal 
interviews at work are democratically termed "medarbeider samtaler" 
"fellow-worker conversations"!  It's likely"verk" is of Viking origin but we 
are still speculating!

Yours aye

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