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RE: Launch of Mark Finnan's "The Sinclair Saga"


I will tried to be there for this, & bring my camera.

Rexdale, Ontario

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Subject:	Launch of Mark Finnan's "The Sinclair Saga"

Any of you in the Toronto area who are interested in meeting Mark Finnan as 
he launches his book in Central Canada, can be at Chapters  in The Bayview 
Village Mall in Toronto (Lawrence and Bayview) Thursday October21 at 7:30. 
 There will be some words and refreshments (and, I am assured, a Sinclair 
Piper in attendance).
Mark's book is an excellent summary of what we now know about Prince Henry 
and it is wonderful that it is being launched at one of the largest book 
 retailers in Canada. Call me if you think you can make it  (416) 966-1523
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