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George Amesy Sinclair

    It sounds as if Paul is working on his website right now so will send
this out directly to you all.  This is an ancestor of one of our member
Sinclairs here in Portland, Dick Sinclair.
    George Amesy Sinclair born 22 Sept. 1793 Hallowell, ME m. Abigail Shaw.
        Thomas Shaw born 11 Dec 1817 Dennysville, ME d. 22 May 1895 m. Ruth
B. VCook b. 1815 Correna,                    Me. d. 1870 Kingsbury, ME
                Children: Lydia A. b. 1839 Edmonds, ME
                                Martin N. b. 1841 Marion, ME
                                Keziah L. b. 1843 Plantation #14, ME
                                George S. b. 1845 Plantation #14, ME
                              *Thomas Everett b. 1848 Marion, ME
                                 Benjamin D.     b. 1850 Cherryfield, ME
                                  Charles S. b. 1852 Cherry field, ME
                                   Henry R. b. 1856 Cherryfield, ME
                                  Albert A. b. 1857 Cherryfield, ME
                                   Ida M. b. 1859 Cherryfield, ME

                        Thomas Everett b. 1848 d. 1921 Buried Houlton, ME
m. 1869 Ellsworth, ME m. Henrietta
                            Children: Leila Belle b. 1870 Hancock, ME d.
                                          *  George Lawrence B. 1874
Hallowell, ME d. 1953
                                            Fred L. b. 1881 Castle Hill, ME
d. 1963
                                            Maude M. b. 1884 Castle Hill, Me
d. 1962
                                            Edna M. b. 1883 Castle Hill, ME
d. 1934
                                            Harry W. b. 1890 Castle Hill, Me
d. 1945

Probably that is enough to send you.  Let me know if you recognize anyone.

    I have a copy of the Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness and Goshen by Rev.
A. Maclean Sinclair.  I thought that possibly the line above which doesn't
look like John of Exeters' might have come in from Nova Scotia but since
this book isn't indexed, I really couldn't find them off hand.  Has anyone
indexed the book?  It isn't that large--45 pages.  But it is full of names.
Good project for anyone interested.

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