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HRH Prince Michael of Albany

Laurel asked about Prince Michael, and I thought list members might have more 
direct  knowledge than I do.

I recently happened across a new book in our local library: Prince Michael's 
book: "The forgotten monarchy of Scotland: The true story of the royal house 
of Steward and the hidden lineage of the kings and queens of Scots " 
(Element, 1998).

Anyone familiar with it?  I can share what it says on the jacket:
    "With the exile of James VII of Scots (II of England), Europe's longest 
reigning dynasty was deposed for challengin the authority of Parliament.  
Since then the true history of the Stewarts has been suppressed by successive 
Westminister governments, whose intrigues are revealed in this fascinating 
history.  Drawing from family papers and official records, the author gives a 
compelling accoutn of political corruption, assassination and parliamentary 

It is further noted: 
    "The author, a legitimate descendant of Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie 
Prince Charlie), also includes his own personl overview of the contemprary 
Scottish social, economic, and political scene.  As Scottish nationhoof 
re-emerges as a major issue, the telling of this truly epic history has never 
been more relvant."

An regarding the author:
    "Born in exile, HRH Prince Michael, 7th Count of Albany (Scotland), is 
the senior legitimate descendant of the Stuart Kings of Britain.  He is Head 
of Scotland's Royal House of Stewart, and in 1992 was elected President of 
the European Council of Princes.  A Scottish resident since 1976, Prince 
Michael actively promotes a reinstatement of Scotland's Written Constitution 
to uphold the rights, liberties, and welfare of the Nation."

Others have thoughts and knowledge for Laurel?

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