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Pipe Music on the Net

For the enthusiasts of the pipes, I found a real audio file at the following 

http://www.radio.cbc.ca/programs/takefive/archives/RealAudio/RA_index.html - 
open "Bagpipe Friday".

Not surprisingly there is a Sinclair story there!  The commentator reads a 
letter from the Hon William R Sinclair QC who tells of his experiences while 
in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve with Landing Craft:  during the 
Dieppe Raid, while landing the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders from Winnipeg, 
their Piper played "With a 100 Pipers"; later he was with the 2nd Bn The 
Highland Light Infantry at Sicily, with piping every evening.  His 
Grandmother was from Maryhill in Glasgow.

Yours aye

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