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Sinclair-related photographs

You may have looked at my photographs of Rosslyn Chapel, Rosslyn Castle, 
and Sinclair-related sites in Caithness on John Quarterman's Clan Sinclair 
web pages.  I have re-scanned and re-sized these images and posted them on 
my personal web site at http://rhuseth.home.texas.net along with about 40 
new Sinclair-related photographs.  Click on the "Scotland" thumbnail and 
then on the "Sinclair-related sites in Roslin and Caithness" thumbnail to 
view these photos.

The "new" images are, for the most part, variations on the earlier 
ones.  If any of the experts on this mailing list see any errors in the 
captions, please e-mail me at rhuseth@texas.net with corrections.

I want to thank John for posting my photographs on the Clan Sinclair 
pages.  His initial support and the many complementary notes I received 
from the members of this list encouraged me to produce my own web site.  As 
you will see if you visit, I may have gone overboard with hundreds of 
photos of Scotland, Alaska, the Alaska Highway, Minnesota's North Shore of 
Lake Superior, Texas wildflowers, and (in the works) Yellowstone and Grand 
Teton National Park.

Richard Huseth
Austin, Texas 
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