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Re: Alexanders!!!!!

Has anyone tried to keep an account of the Alexanders in this family(both Sin 
& StC.)?  There seem to be at least one in every generation of every banch.  
Our particular Alexander came to Virginia in 1696/98(some accounts differ). 
We know that he left from Glasgow but as far as I know that is as far as we 
get with him, although lord knows we do keep track of the offspring since 
then.  Thanks in no small part to the unending work of Jean Grigsby.  We are, 
however missing one on this side of the Atlantic.  My g.uncle James Meador 
StClair, b.March 17, 1878, Fayette Co. W.Va. , left Eggleston Va. at the turn 
of the century for parts west.  His last known location was Coloma, Ca. in 
the 19teens.  If anyone has info about either Alex. or Uncle Jim I would love 
to hear from you.  Thank all of you again for the joy of reading about our 
family even the squabbles are better than most!  A special thanks to Niven, 
who I am sure should be designated as a family treasure, for helping me 
continue to look for the good.   Charlotte Gellis 
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