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Family History Project Update

I have added a new web page with photos of Canisbay Kirk, the Kirkyard and 
views of Canisbay and Duncansby, all Sinclair Country in Caithness, but where 
Lairds were also to be found. The photos include the flagstone of Sinclair 
Laird of West Canisbay House.  The URL is 
http://ourworld.cs.com/LairdFHP/Photos.htm.  I have also added Canisbay Kirk 
records and  my Laird IGI database (from our Caithness origins) and Census 
information to our main site at http://ourworld.cs.com/INSLaird.  Both are 
linked, but I have a little difficulty with the linking through Compuserve, 
which is why I provide both URLs.  I have now used up my 2 mb of space on 
both sites - photos are memory hungry!  I hope this information will be 
useful for other contributors.

Yours aye 

Iain Laird
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