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Re: sinclair-digest V1 #110

Thanks, Joe Greigg.
     I know that folklore and history are often the same thing and essential
to genealogical research.  Thanks for the information on the classic route
for many Scots.
     I've run across the same problems with my Ake and Tetwiler ancestors.
They were escaping religious persecution and often fled to other countries
before their voyage to America.  Many were 'redemptioners', having lost
everything. This often makes it very difficult to pin point the actual
country of birth.  The Tetwiler's were Swiss Brethren and Mennonites.  The
Pennsylvania Dutch.
     My Carstensen G-G Grandfather was born in a war torn area of conflict
between Denmark, Germany, Austria, etc.  He was a Dane born in German
occupied territory - he fled to America to avoid the German Draft.  Our
first family 'Draft Dodger'.
     I was only trying to make the point that in the area of genealogy
covered by this list - I am a novice.  I'm starting from zero.  I'm here for
help.  I think that's why we all go to the lists, and then stay to help
Thanks again, Joe Greigg.
Karen Henderson
Sunnyvale, CA

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