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If we look at the names of those who have contributed most to the Sinclair 
you will find few Sinclairs but a great many paragenetic Sinclairs.

It may be folly to begin naming them but can we begin with the late Jim 
Whittall and
Pete Cummings?

And go on to our ex-President (Bouschor) and our present President (Barker) and
our genealogist (Server) and our Clan historian (Fechner) and our great 
(Fowler) and that great Clan stalwart, Jean Grigsby and the hundreds of 
others who
man Sinclair tents in every State of America and every Province of Canada.

We owe them a great debt just as we owe you John Sinclair Quarterman a big
thank you for your patience, perseverance and persistence.

And, as for the Lairds, they have done us proud with their presence and support
in Caithness and in Norway.

We would all be weaker without the involvement of such people.  They are 
more than
kin.  They are friends.  My friends.  Your friends.  Our friends.

Let us welcome them as such.
Let us also thank God that we have such people on our side.
Let us be worthy of THEM.

Niven Sinclair

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