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Sinclair Tobacco/Newcastle

Hello everyone,

Im new to the list and am hoping that I am following protocol correctly in 
posting my geneological query here.

I'm searching for any information on the John Sinclair (1826-1895) that moved 
from somewhere in Scotland to Newcastle-on-Tyne in the mid 1800's.  His 
father was Robert, he perhaps had a brother called Robert, his wife was 
Margaret(1840-1905), and he had around a dozen children, some of whom had 
each of the above names also.  He started the John Sinclair Ltd. Tobacco 
company in Newcastle which was sold by his son/sons in 1920.

Any information that anyone might have on these Sinclair's would be greatly 
appreciated!  Meantime, I love this list--thanks to those responsible for 
providing it.

Nicola Sinclair,
Boston, Ma  USA
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