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W T Laird's 1888 Letter on the Origin of the Laird's?

If anyone is interested, I have set out W T Laird's Letter of 31st December 
1888 (with reference to its source) together with the College of Arms' reply 
to our inquiry on our website: "http://ourworld.cs.com/INSLaird/".  The URL 
for the letter is "http://ourworld.cs.com/inslaird/1888_Letter.htm".  Though 
the supposed German origin of the family is discounted as is the alleged 
genealogy found in "Chancery", there is much that is factually correct in the 
letter that is relevant to Lairds and Sinclairs alike. I have set links to 
some of the factual accuracies from our "Origins of the Surname Laird" page 
at "http://ourworld.cs.com/inslaird/Origins.htm".

Yours aye

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