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Dear Niven,
                Hope you are making a good recovery.  Knowing you it will be 
no time at all and you shall be hiking across the moors and it will be 
difficult to keep up.
All the best for a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately I do not have the answer to the question of how the name 
Sinclair and the name Henderson became intertwined.  In my family all five 
children of John Henderson Sinclair, a son of John Henderson Sinclair of 
Lappan, Dunbeath/Latheron, Caithness, were named with Henderson as follows;
Marion Margaret Henderson Sinclair
Patricia Joan Henderson Sinclair
Gloria Ellen Henderson Sinclair
John Henderson Sinclair
Donald James Henderson Sinclair.

The Henderson name has not been carried on with our children.  I cannot 
really say why, other than my parents were not involved in naming any 
grandchildren, my father having passed away prior to their births, and my 
mother being fairly distantly removed from California at that time.  Seems a 
shame now, but I doubt it will ever be different.  Wish you success in your 
quest and will follow with interest whatever you are able to come up with. A 
fairly obvious reason would be many Henderson and Sinclair lads and lassies 
running around Caithness, with romance on their minds, and we have indeed 
quite a few Hendersons married into the family.

Best regards, Donald James Henderson Sinclair, San Rafael, CA
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