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Census Index Record--1870, Nebraska

Awhile back I mentioned that I had found a previously [to me] unknown cache 
of census indices at our State Library.  Those of you who have taken your 
family search efforts to major regional resource centers [e.g., National 
Archives in San Bruno; LDS Temple FHC in Westwood] know that census index 
collections, even at such major depositories, are not necessarily complete.

For example, I have not been able to find Missouri 1860 or Missouri 1870 to 
get lists of all St. Clairs in Kansas City at those times [access to these 

In the meantime, looking for FLYNN and McLAUGHLIN in Lincoln in 1870, it was 
not much more trouble to copy the pages containing SINCLAIR and ST. CLAIR to 
share with the group.  The intended audience for this information is not 
exclusively the present list subscribers, but also any future readers looking 
for Nebraska information in our archives.

Besides, the spread of Sinclairs to all corners of our world remains 
fascinating.  Nebraska in 1870 was pretty far West, and there were apparently 
seven Sinclair representatives present:

    Name                        County          Census Page #   Census 
    Sinclair                    Lancaster       124         Lincoln
    Frank T. Sinclair           Sarpy           265         Bellevue P.O.
    James Sinclair              Richarson       201         Falls City P.O.
    Samuel Sinclair         Sarpy           267         Bellevue P.O.
    Thomas Sinclair         Douglas     512         Omaha, 5th Ward
    Alexander St. Clair         Lancaster       157         Lincoln P.O.
    J. W. St. Clair             Douglas     404         Omaha 1st Ward
    Wayman St. Clair            Colfax          197         Schuyler P.O.

Most of these were in the southeastern part of the state, relatively close to 
the Missouri stateline.  No SINKLERs in the index.

Any bets that Frank and Samuel were brothers?
Have I heard the first name, Wayman, mentioned on this list?
Any bets on birthplaces of these?  Ohio?  Indiana? or?
Brief stories or links to these to share anyone?

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