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Re: Sinclair, St Clair

   I also believe in what you say.I thought all SINCLAIR's are
family.And I also thought this was a genealogy site where we can SHARE
our information between ourselves.THAT person who calls him/herself a
Sinclair I feel ashamed to be one.As a clan we are supposed to stick
together through thick and thin etc.I'm only the 3rd generation in the
U.S. and no matter how much we fight between ourselves when something
goes bad they are there to support me.This whole thing just makes my
blood boil. I'm sorry an outsider got ahold of the book that they wrote
and not asking permission to print anything on the web.Be a true Scot
and kick his arse.

Barbara, your grandfather would be very proud of you,. Your letter was an 
I read this list everyday and yet I feel like an outsider.  I was born a 
Sinclair but I don't seem to find the information that I need to find my 
line.  I know there are many of us whom have worked on it but it stops with 
my gggrandfather,  George W. Sinclair , but we will never give up trying and 
if we succeed....we will share it. 

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