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Re: South Africa : Sinclair

  No harm done..It's hard enough to get people to take this highland
sport serious.You just so happen to get My highland blood flowin.Sorry
that I took your head off.LOL

Whooow now.
    I think maybe...possibly that message was meant for me.  I hope you are
joking and not upset with what was jokingly said to some of the rest of
  Please don't take offense.   I took it as a light hearted remark, can't
you ignore it?

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From: William Sinclair <SinclairClan@webtv.net>
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Date: Friday, September 17, 1999 7:54 PM
Subject: Re: South Africa : Sinclair

>  NO LIVES You have some nerve No Lives.I do have a life PAL.BTW there
>are people who probably make more money in one day than you do all
>year.Owners of business play this sport.As for Canadians beating the
>Scots is because the Aye Patrol made the Scots change the real form of
>curling.Changed the whole sport completely.
>                     Thank you have a nice day,Bill

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