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Re: The Orkney Sinclairs

Sigh, Week after week they say "not on this server" Is there another
site? Thanks, Gord

Spirit One Email wrote:
> Gordon,
>     Do you know about the website concerning the descendants of the Hudsons
> Bay employees and their Cree wives.  It is very nicely done
> http://www3.yt.sympatico.ca/serena/index/htm
> Laurel
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> From: Gordon Holmes <lafleur@home.com>
> To: sinclair@jump.net <sinclair@jump.net>
> Date: Thursday, May 27, 1999 6:19 PM
> Subject: Re: The Orkney Sinclairs
> >
> >My gggg grandfather "William the Elder" was born on Orkney and became a
> >Chief Factor for the H.B.C. in Manitobia and the start of my mothers
> >side of the family. I was wondering if your people were closly related
> >to mine..? Thanks, in kinship, Gordon Vaughan Sinclair Holmes
> >
> >MSiperek@aol.com wrote:
> >>
> >> Paul,
> >>     I believe that you may desend from the same line that I do.  My great
> >> grandfather Alexander Sinclair was born in OrkneyJan. 2, 1872 in St.
> >> Margaret's Hope and had a brother Robert who was born Jan. 1, 1869 in St.
> >> Margaret's Hope.  There were 12 children in Robert's and Alexander's
> family.
> >> Let me know if you think this is the same family.   I have attached a
> copy of
> >> their parents 50th aniversary article.  Hope we find the link.   I was
> told
> >> by a 90 year old man in St. Margaret's Hope last year that one of the
> >> Sinclairs married a Norquay.  If this is the same family, I have some
> >> pictures I would be happy to share.                       Marilyn
> >>
> >>   -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> -
> >> >From a newspaper article from the Orkney Islands-
> >>
> >>
> >>         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sinclair, Oyce, attained their jubilee of
> marraiage on Wednesday of this week, having been married by Rev. Peter G.
> Gilrath, parish minister (who died this month) on 16th June 1859.  As Mr.
> Sinclair went to the island of Swona for his better half, Miss Allan, the
> marriage ceremony took place there.  This created no small stir, as there
> had been no such ceremony on that island within the memory of the
> inhabitants of that time.  Mrs. Sinclair's brother still resides in Swona,
> while she has a widowed sister in St. Margaret's Hope.  The happy pair were
> both of the same age, 26, when united together and have now reached the ripe
> age of 76 years.  They have spent those fifty years in peace and prosperity;
> all of their friends and well-wishers desire that their latter end may be
> even better than their beginning; and they have received many tokens of
> friendship and goodwill from far and near on this auspicious occasion.  It
> should be mentioned that Mr. Sinclair like all who bear that ancient and
> honoured name, represents a branch of the famous "St. Clairs of the Isles."
> Belonging to his family were eight brothers, namely, Malcolm, Alexander,
> John, James, George, William, Isaac, and Robert.  Only two are still alive-
> Alexander who has for a number of years resided in Galt, Toronto,  and
> Robert, whose golden wedding has just taken place.  George Sinclair was well
> known as the respected postmaster of St. Margaret's Hope, while William and
> Isaac were farmers at Lower and Upper Olad, and John at Gard, near to one
> another.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sinclair have had a large family of eleven
> children, while 5 sons and 5 daughters are still alive, some of them being
> abroad.  There is one in Africa, one in Australia, two in America, two in
> Liverpool, one in Glasgow, one in Barbsley, Yorkshire, and one at home.  As
> far as grandchildren, they number eighteen.  At present the aged couple are
> cheered and comforted by the presence of their son, William along with his
> wife from New York, who have timed their visit for this happy event.  Old
> Mr. Sinclair in his younger days was very fond of music and for 14 years was
> the precantor of St. Mary's Kirk under the Rev. Messre??(hard to read copy),
> Walker and Forbes.  And for 14 years he resided in Olad- 1861-1875- before
> he came to his present residence.
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> [ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@jump.net.
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