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Re: New price list for books and merchandise at Noss Head

    Is there any way short of visiting Noss Head to see the Rosslyn Castle
prints?  In asking this favor, I am mindful that there are concerns about
copying these items that have monetary value and are still protected by the
copyright laws.  I am interested in a couple of the prints, but hesitate to
purchase something that I have not seen.
    Your consideration of my request would be greatly appreciated.

Ward L. Ginn, Jr.
Member, Clan Sinclair Ass. USA
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Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 5:57 PM
Subject: New price list for books and merchandise at Noss Head

All prices are plus postage and packing.

Please send your full name and address if you require anything and I will
get back to you with the cost of the postage.

Yours Aye

Ian Sinclair

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