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Scots Clans descended from Rollo

Dear Laurel

To add to the Sinclairs, Rollos, Bruces and Jardines, many of the "Highland" 
Clans are actually of Norman origin including the Gordons, the Frasers, the 
Chisolms, the Colquhons, the Stewarts, the Montgomerys. Some say the Chisolms 
are of Celtic origin, but their crest is the badge of Rollo.  Of course, over 
1000 years since the Normans joined and intermarried with the established 
Norse who came straight from Norway (remember, the Kingdom of Norway extended 
as far south as Perth for nearly 600 years), the native Celts and the 
aboriginal Picts so all the Clans are quite a mixture. Since then we have 
been joined by Dutch (the Groats of Caithness started as de Groot), Flemings, 
who were weavers from the Low Countries.  We also have some survivors of the 
Spanish Armada, and the last 100 years has seen new immigration to Scotland 
including Poles, Italian, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis.  I first saw a 
Pakistani in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders some 25 years ago.  Much 
more Scots than me and a awesome figure in his kilt! We even have a bit of 
Anglo Saxon!

There is a very good website "Electric Scotland" which has summaries of all 
the Clans and major Scots Families (though no Lairds as yet, perhaps the 
Laird Family Association should consider getting a listing) and Scots History 
at "www.electric.scotland.com".  The Clan pages have the tartans and crests 
as well as the history, so they are a good general reference.

Yours aye

Iain Laird
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