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Re: Charles G. Sinclair-Stralsund

Dear Chris,

allow me to introduce some Swedish/German geography. 

CMelahn@aol.com wrote:
> Nevin,

> Is Stralsund a town in Sweden? 

Stralsund is NOT a town in Sweden. 

>Is there a similarly named town/area in
> Northern Germany just south of the Isle of Rugen?

That is where Stralsund is actually situated. During an period in the
1700s and the early years of the 1800s Rügen, Stralsund and some other
parts of German Pommern where incorporated with Sweden and did "belong"
to Sweden. There where quite a lot of Swedish soldiers living there
during that time. And a lot of babies where born. My own Sinclair
ancestor Catharina Regina Sinclair was actually born in the town Bergen
of Rügen where her father Fredrik served as a Swedish soldier.

Best regards 
Lena in Sweden
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