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Re: FW: [evol-psych] Aborigines were the first Americans & Viking Rock

Good Morning, one can never know too much trivia.  Believe it or not, I have 
many instances in daily conversation and research where all of these tidbits 
tie into each other.  I find the migration of people, which is traceable 
through language, DNA, artifacts, etc., to be especially fascinating.  Maybe 
it is because I grew up in a city that forgot it was Southern and that it 
was OK to speak with a drawl.  Whatever the case I am always interested in 
information of the sort you passed on.  Thanks a bunch.  DTR

BTW, there has been some serious arguing on Anthro-L about the Aborigines 
coming to South America.  It seems to be under debate on both sides.  See, 
just because you may not agree with some one (like Pohl :)!) the hypothesis 
put forward has a great deal of value!

Your original message:

...Darwin; this is well off topic but I thought you would get a personal 
>out of knowing that Newfoundland is unique anthropologically speaking (sp?)
>because of some of those things you alude to in your archealogical 

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