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Re : Our Name


Here is additional information on Solway Moss and on Sinclair as Earl of 
Orkney I divided it into two distinct sections. My e-mail carnet is in 
England are since these subjects are not of interest to most please let me 
have both yours and Laurels

Sinclair Earls of Orkney (1379-1471)

Henry de St Clair from a family of Norman origin was granted land in Lothian 
in 1162.  A decedent Henry Sinclair (d.. circa. 1400) the Earldom of Orkney 
passed in 1379.  The Norse line of Earls extinguished itself with no male 
heir and immediately before the Earldom passed within various Norse distaff 
hands.  Henry was followed as Norway premier Earl by  his son Henry (d. 1418) 
who was also Admiral of Scotland.  Henry sailed with James I of Scotland, not 
to be confused with James I of England (VI of Scotland) he was captured by 
the English, both the king and Henry.  Henry son William (1404-1480) was also 
Admiral of Scotland and the last Sinclair Earl of Orkney, the Earldom was 
reclaimed by the Crown in 1471, conveyed James 11 year old daughter Margaret 
of Scotland to France for her marriage to the Dauphin (Crown Prince of the 
French) The Crown rents of Norway were pledged to James III of Scotland as a 
dowery for his marriage to Margaret of Denmark-Norway it is this James who 
pried the Earldom away from Sinclair hands. Ample compensation was received 
by the Sinclair, Earls of Caithness a title that  continues to this day and 
resides in the most noble Earl Malcolm Sinclair of Caithness.  

The circle has been unbroken from Norse pirates to Norse Earls.  From Viking 
raiders to Norman nobles from companions of the Conqueror to defenders of the 
marches the name Sinclair has withstood the ravages of time with pride.  What 
a name to have the privilege to bear.

Sinclair, Oliver of Pitcairns birth date uncertain died 1560

James the fifth favourite was not as other favourites low born being a 
grandson of Earl William Sinclair of Orkney he was made keeper of Tantallon 
Castle after the Douglass were banished. James V reclaimed the feu of Orkney 
and Shetland during his visit of the islands in 1540.  Oliver was appointed 
Justice, Sheriff, Admiral and Bailie. In 1542 he was put in charge of the 
Scots army for the debacle of Solway Moss.

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