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St Mary's Cemetery, J F Sinclair

Dear Wanda,

I just returned from a visit with my brother who reminded me
that my Uncle John Franklin Sinclair is buried in the St. Marys 
Ontario Cemetery, beside his wife, Gladys Philips Sinclair in the Sinclair
family plot.  

He took her body there for burial in either 1949, or the early
fifties, and on the day of her funeral, he slept and DIED IN THE BED 
AND the bedroom WHERE HE WAS BORN!!!  But I don't know where that
is in St Marys since I've never been there.

Perhaps this information could be the clue to help me to figure
how to connect to  the family.  I know my mother, Myra Jean Sinclair, 
and Uncle John's father's name is John Sinclair, b June 24, 1836,
d Apr 6, 1916.  I don't know where he was born.

My ggf is Duncan Sinclair, d 1883, and ggrandmother's name is Jean
MacCallum, b 1810, d 1872.  

My gm, Frances Henderson Sinclair, d 1916.

Toni Sinclair told me that John F Sinclair had written a book 
about our Sinclair Family, and maybe you have a copy of it.
Could you tell me the title, and if I could obtain a copy of

Thank you very much,

Myra Jean Kendrick Perala
2229 SE Market Street
Portland, OR 97214
503 232 7471
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